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Hetman Partition Recovery – the Complete Data Recovery Suite

Hetman Partition Recovery offers the ability to recover information from all types of storage media. Advanced users, system administrators and data recovery specialists will benefit from the tool’s ability to undelete files and folders, recover information from formatted and repartitioned hard drives, and extract data from corrupted, damaged and inaccessible storage media.

Many types of damage are nothing more than a messed up file system, skewed partition tables or disk system records; Hetman Partition Recovery works extremely well in such situations, reliably recovering files from disks that Windows can’t even see as drive letters, let alone access information stored on them.

Hetman Partition Recovery comes with a pre-recovery preview, allowing users to view recoverable files such as office documents, digital pictures, archives, email messages etc. before the recovery. The evaluation version is available free of charge.


Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Busy Call Return. To activate, press *66. To de-activate, press *86.