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PBXpress IP PBX:

VoIP PBX with Call Recording

Use your PBX as a VoIP gateway. Record all incoming and outgoing calls.

PBXpress IP PBX Features

Unique Features

  • Call Recording
  • VoIP and PSTN Backups increase reliability
  • 911 Dialing over PSTN
  • Automated Call Backup on a CD or DVD Media
  • Scalability: 2 FXO, 4 FXO, Single or Quad T1/E1
  • Secure and Easy-to-Use Firewall/NAT Bypass
  • SIP Phones/Adaptors Automatic Discovery and Configuration
  • Software Upgradeable via Internet:
    • Auto Attendant
    • IVR
    • Voice Mail
    • Call Center

Other Features

  • Voice and VoIP Data Logging
  • Caller ID with Call Annotation: Detects Incoming and Outgoing Numbers
  • Log all Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Cheaper Long Distance: Long Distance Routing through VoIP
  • VoIP-VoIP and VoIP-PSTN Backup
  • Easy LCD-button Operation
  • Does Not Depend on a Specific VoIP Provider or Hardware


Possible Applications

Use PBXpress IP PBX in your company to:

  • Lower the cost of long distance calls without losing reliability by using VoIP

PBXpress IP PBX can significantly lower the cost of your long-distance calls by automatically routing each call through the cheapest available VoIP long-distance provider through a multiple-backup, fail-safe sequential selection of the preferred VoIP connection, any number of backup VoIP connections, or, finally, a PSTN connection.

You can specify any level of redundancy in the number of available VoIP connections. If no VoIP connection is available to route your call, a PSTN backup will be used to guarantee that your call goes through.

PBXpress IP PBX transparently supports emergency 9-1-1 dialing through a backup PSTN connection.

  • Automatic recording of all incoming and outgoing calls

PBXpress IP PBX was designed to provide non-intrusive, transparent recording of all phone calls in both directions. Analog and VoIP calls can be logged. An option is available to record each party in a separate audio channel; if this option is enabled, a remote party will be recorded into the left channel of an audio file, while local party will sound from the right channel of the same file.

PBXpress IP PBX is fully compliant with the local phone recording laws and regulations that may require you to notify local and/or or remote party that the call is being recorded. The device can be configured to play call recording notification automatically. Several standard prompts are available, for example: 'This call may be monitored and recorded', or the longer one, 'To ensure the highest level of customer service, this call may be monitored and recorded'. There is an option to record your own prompts.

  • Automatic backup on a CD or DVD
PBXpress IP PBX can be easily configured to make a periodic back-up of all conversations onto a CD or DVD media (CD-R/RW and DVD±R/RW formats are supported).

Create an easy-to-navigate CD or DVD archive of all phone conversations within your organization and the outside world with a few mouse clicks. Each CD or DVD  is given a unique label to allow you easily find a conversation you need. Access your data with the PBXpress IP PBX device or from any PC.

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