NEC NEAX Programming Software
Programming software for NEC NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80 PBX

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Programmator - NEC NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80 PBX Programming Software for Windows


NEC NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80 PBX

This program was developed to simplify parameter editing of the popular NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80 PBX (KSU).

With this Programmator you can program the popular NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80 PBX. Easy to learn user interface and built-in help file allow you to configure and program your PBX even without the PBX Installation Manual.

Using this program you'll no longer have to use the cryptic command number system to set your PBX parameters. This will make configuring your PBX much easier in other ways as well, like being able to use a real keyboard to enter extension names. All parameters are grouped in a logical manner according to the functions. A true lifesaver if your PBX has some type of failure causing it to lose programming or if you ever have to replace your PBX with another NEAX system. Since you can save all parameters to your computer, you can also work on the configuration anywhere you can bring your computer. When you're ready to implement the changes, simply go to your phone room, connect your computer to the PBX and dump the new configuration to the system.


  • change settings of the NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80 PBX with the aid of convenient graphic interface
  • commands are grouped in accordance with functional area, making common operation of the exchange noticeably easier
  • save status of the exchange in a file on a disk - backup and restore status of the exchange after malfunctions or create several configurations for various conditions

System Requirements

  1. Windows 95/98ME, or NT/2000/XP operating system
  2. One free COM-port to be used for hookup of the exchange
  3. Null-modem connecting cable. More information in the Programmator Manual
  4. 1.5Mb of the disc space after installation

 The computer must have at least one free COM (RS232) port. This port will be used to connect your computer and the PBX.

Compatible PBX'es

The following Panasonic PBX'es are supported:
NEAX 2400/7400 M100/80      

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Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Call Forward Busy allows you to forward calls to a fixed number when your line is busy. This service can be turned on and off in most areas. To activate, press *90. To de-activate, press *91.